Agi Shani

Unique by Agi

Handmade Bridal Fashion Accessories

We create UNIQUE Wearable Art Bridal accessories for the entire bridal party meticulously handmade, embellished and at affordable prices! No two are the same and can be customized to your needs!

My passion is to create hand knit “Wearable Art”, with a variety of collections of which my “ECO-CHIC” = “GREEN” fashion collection contains both Jewelry and Bridal Hair Fashion Accessories resulting in eclectic, conversation pieces. Each item is individually hand crafted mostly of re-purposed materials with the true objective of preserving the environment! My “UNIQUE WEARABLE ART” fashion accessories collection consists of a vast repertoire of UNIQUE hand knit, crocheted shrugs and adorned hats. Each and every inventive, distinguishable accessory is guaranteed to make a statement and allow the wearer to stand out from the crowd.

My creations are unique, wearable works of art and are suitable for any age and any style, from “classic” to “boho chic”, sophisticated or sassy, fun or funky, elegant or contemporary.

Price range = $13 - $70

Style = Bohemian, shabby chic,

Variety of sizes



Location: Haifa, Israel

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