Batya Zucker

When I was escorting my best friends on weddings Day-- I realized, this is what I want to do! 

I want to be there and share with my brides this amazing experience of happiness, joy and love.

studied makeup & hair styling. So, I can help my brides look their best and enjoy their special day.

Combining quality, skilled and uncompromising service to give each women the right touch for every occasion.

Hey, my name is Batya Zucker, makeup and hair designer for over 16 years. I love women, joyful days, aesthetics and art.

The openness from women I have met through my work (more than 1,800), I learned how important the inner feeling affect the exterior looks, so I created the techniques and teaching methids, especially for all women who might think that she doesn't have “it”. 

I believe that every woman should and can feel complete and confident. I accompany women and guide them with the makeup and hair that best suits them in person and gives them tools and knowledge that will enable them to live happily ever after, empowerment and successful!

I owns a studio in Ramat Gan and also come to where ever you need me (:

Location: Ramat Gan, Israel

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