Kangaroo DJ's

Kangaroo Djs is a boutique music Services Company that provide the musical backdrop and center stage for your event, meeting and working hand-in-hand with the client to bring the right combination of professionalism coupled with the client’s personal wishes to make it an event that the guests will remember.


Every one of our leading djs in not only a reliable specialist, but is also first and foremost an outstanding human being, so that from the very first moment you know you are feeling the real thing.


Our vast experience in exquisite wedding events confidently enable us to exceed your highest expectations on the most important day.


As part of our music services we provide , jazz and cover bands for receptions as well as a variety of live musicians who can fit on the dance floor in perfect sync alongside our Dj’s.


In addition we collaborate and give advisory to festivals, trade events, corporate events and fairs

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Location: Mahanayim street 16 Haifa, Israel

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