Ela Oved

Many years ago, two girls sat next to an old sewing machine and began to make magic.

The hands sought to create, and the talent was displayed like a spell on cloth.

They were decorating and shaping the fabrics and breathing life into the world of design through their passion.

The girls grew up and began to realize their fantasies and dreams. They sewed their wedding gown in the framework of her studies at the renowned Shenkar school.

Elena immigrated to Israel from Russia and worked with the best designers in the country, and her fine works were exhibited on tracks in New York.

Together they joined a full-soul studio and hooked up between classic and ticking, which they create every day a wedding dresses and a gift that has fallen straight off the alleys of Italy and romantic France.

If you were also standing in your childhood in front of a mirror and imagined yourself as a bride in a Cinderella dress, come get to know us.

We feel like making the dress for the next princess.


Location: Kaplan 19, Petah Tikva, Israel

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