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Juliana Cakes delivers country wide! 


 Juliana's passion for decorated cakes started when she was a little girl. Her love for art and creation, grew into cake decorating for family members which then flourished by word of mouth throughout her town and eventually throughout the country. 


Determined to share her love of edible art she continues to be open to new ideas and keeps expanding her creative pallet/repertoire. Her goal is to enhance other's simchas with a way that expresses the personality of the client, while having something delicious to eat.


Amazing! We ordered cupcakes and not only were they delicious but we had a last minute chance and Juliana immediately accommodated! Thank you 🙏


My family and I have been ordering cakes from Juliana for years already. They're always so unique, never two of the same. Always so creative and delicious! She's accommodating with allergies & always extremely friendly.

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Location: Efrat 90435 Efrat, Israel

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