5 Ways To Keep Kids Entertained At Your Wedding

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Having children at a wedding isn't easy but it can be great once you're well prepared. Here are 3 ideas for you:


From my experience as a wedding planner the best solution is having a few babysitters to help your little guests with games and activities so that they can have some fun and leave the adults to enjoy the evening as well. You can ask babysitters that you know and trust so that your children won’t have a hard time getting to know the sitter. Always a plus!

Designate a table for kids at the wedding.

If you are planning on having a few children at your wedding, create a kiddies table. This is an ideal option if the kids are all over the age of 5, as they can usually be on their own around other children without too much adult supervision. A kiddies table may be the best option for keeping the kids in one place. It will also encourage them to play together. Place the kids table close to the table with their parents or designate an older child with a friend to help supervise the table. This can make it easier for parents to keep an eye on their kids but still give the kids and parents some freedom.

Set up a Tent

Another option is to create a tent for kids to play in at your wedding. This may be a good option if you have very young children coming to the wedding and want to create a space where they can nap, relax, and play. Put pillows and stuffed animals in the tent to encourage kids to relax in it during the wedding or reception. This should be done with a babysitter or adult supervision.

Have a crafts area.

To keep kids entertained, set up a crafts area at the wedding. Put paper on the long table for the kids to use. Include, washable markers, colored pencils, colored paper, glitter, and stickers at the table. Put out coloring books so that the kids can color on their own.

Create a games table.

You can also keep kids entertained by setting up a games table for them. Have board games appropriate for all ages on the table as well as simple games for younger children. Include games where the kids can play against each other or together as a team. For example, you may include games like Connect 4 or Guess Who for younger children. You could then include board games like Monopoly or Pictionary for older kids.

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