Updated: Oct 29, 2019

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So, let me begin. I made Aliyah in March of 2017; just 2 and a half years ago. It’s not a long time, but we have learned so much in that short amount of time!!!

My husband and I did our research and found that there are 50,000 weddings a year registered in our new Tiny country, and another 100,000 celebratory events: Bar and Bat Mitzvas, Brit Milahs, etc. We decided we had to be a part of this amazing aspect of the culture! But how?

Mark had planned conferences before, and I sold wedding dresses for many years. We had both been married before so all together had planned 3 weddings; his, mine and ours, but we knew nothing about Israeli Weddings which are distinctly different from those in other parts of the world.

So the learning began. One thing we learned early on is there was no big Wedding Fair here; where you can see everything under one roof. There are very successful dress sale events, but nowhere that you can meet and get to know a variety of suppliers in one place: DJ’s, photographers, makeup artists, jewelers, flower designers, etc., etc.... So that is where we began and Wedding Fair TLV was born. I am proud to say that in 2.5 years we have produced 3 Wedding Fairs! The next one is happening in the spring 2020!

As we learn more and more each day, we found that in addition to Israelis getting married, there are a lot of people (families, couples and other visitors) coming to Israel from overseas to celebrate their Simcha's! I personally know of 3 weddings and a Bar mitzvah from Vancouver that took place just last year! But there are no English websites to help people plan these Simcha's and we are continually hearing how much people struggle to find the right suppliers for their special event.

So “The List” was created to solve this problem –

We have assembled fabulous suppliers in the many categories you are looking for and some you may not have known you needed. They are all different price ranges and styles so there are services for everyone and everything. We’ve also made it easy to learn more about them and to reach out and contact them directly from our site.

We invite you to Visit the list, give us your feedback, book your suppliers and have a wonderful Simcha!

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