Creating sustainability by re-purposing your heirloom jewelry

What does sustainability mean to us?

If you think about it, diamond and gold jewelry have an eternal life of some sort.

Rings, earrings or necklaces kept and passed down from generation to generation.

Some like to keep the jewels as they originally were given to their great-great grandmothers back in the day, but others prefer to reuse the materials and make something new and exciting out of them.

Do you have that piece of jewelry that has been laying there in a drawer, for years?

It used to belong to your grandmother who survived the Holocaust and hid it in some dark attic and then re-collected it after the war was over. Well, we’ve heard that touching story and so many others and shed a few tears.

That ring or necklace could be old fashioned and not quite your style and that’s OK, because you can bring it over to us and we will make something amazing, new and super chic out of it. We will give it a new life.

Hey, we can make you an engagement ring that will always be so precious to you and not the one you will get bored with eventually wondering- Did he even know me when he got me this ring?

It’s amazing to us how Each diamond, stone or piece of jewelry can hold so many memories and sentiment.

A life story that can be passed down between generations even in a new form and design that will now start its own legacy with its own new memories. ​

About the author - Hotcrown is an Everyday fine jewelry brand. We believe that we are meant to feel fabulous about ourselves every day of our lives.

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