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Karen Tsafrir – Founder/Director Live Productions in Israel and everywhere else.

Weekday. Indoors. The scene takes place in a wedding planner’s office. The office is full of props and decorations. The desk is clean and tidy. A huge sea blue vase is filled with a graceful arrangement of blue hydrangeas. Rows of drawers hold a fascinating array of escort cards, invitations, ribbons, serviettes and other wedding bric a brac. The Wedding Planner sits calmly at her desk, a large mug of English Breakfast Tea sits steaming on the desk. She is editing excel sheets. The phone rings.  

The Wedding Planner: “Live Productions, this is Karen speaking”

Nervous Bride: Hi, I am calling to make um an enquiry about planning my wedding.

TWP: Congratulations, how lovely that you have decided to get married in Israel.

NB: Yes, um- I know this is... um - a strange question but what exactly does a wedding producer do?

TWP: Well I help with…

NB interrupts

NB: I saw the film with Jennifer Lopez where the wedding planner er and the groom fall in love and runoff and er, so I just wanted to hear...

TWP interrupts

TWP: Yes, I saw the film. (It was highly unprofessional of J Lo to run off with the groom, though very entertaining) Our job is to make sure that you, as a couple, have the most amazing wedding together. 

So why a wedding producer?

According to Business Insider as many as 96 percent of engaged couples feel stressed while planning a wedding as do their parents. In fact, 40 percent say the planning process is not just stressful, but “very stressful” or even “extremely stressful.”

If you’re planning a wedding, don’t let stress get in the way of your joy. This should be one of the happiest times of your life, and the journey to the wedding should be an enjoyable experience too. Don’t let yourself be stressed and exhausted in the time leading up to your wedding. Instead, hire a wedding planner to make your lives’ easy.

If you are still wondering exactly what a wedding producer does… read on. 

1. Save Time

Weddings are rare and special events. In the months and weeks leading up to the big day, you’ll want to be able to experience every moment of excitement to the fullest

If you are not getting married in your home country, you may not know where to start. The first step should be to help you find your dream venue. Before you travel to your wedding destination ask your event planner to send photographs, video clips and detailed descriptions of the venues that match your dream location. Decide whether the location is a romantic beach, beautifully lit woods, stark and beautiful desert, a historical site or a custom wedding venue or hall.

You won’t want to see any venues that don’t meet your brief.

2. Pay Attention to Detail

Of course, there are some details that deserve all your attention, like exactly what song will be accompanying you down the aisle, the colour scheme, what you will be wearing (and later on what you will be eating). When you hire a wedding planner, you are free to focus on the things that really matter to you, so you don’t have to waste your time on the logistics and small details of the planning that don’t interest you but are vital for having a perfect event.

If you haven’t done it before, it’s hard to get every little detail right especially if you’re trying to do it all on your own.

A wedding planner’s job is to remember every single detail for your special day.

This lifts a huge weight off your shoulders – no more need to be a wedding perfectionist. Let your event producer make sure everything is taken care of, so the day goes smoothly.

3. Stay on Budget

Many people avoid hiring a wedding planner because they think it will be too expensive. Actually, the opposite is often true: a wedding planner can save you money by keeping you on budget. Wedding producers negotiate the best price from the best supplier and guide you how to spend your money wisely in places where it will be felt

You probably have an idea of how much you want to spend. But do you know how to break down that budget to properly cover every expense? Probably not. And unless you love excel spreadsheets and math, you should leave that to your planner.

Wedding planners have the experience to calculate how much of your budget should be used for what, based on things like how many guests you’ll be having, what kind of menu you want to offer your guests, what drinks you like and whether you plan to decorate with Lisianthus or orchids. Once you know your budget, you should go over it with your producer to make sure you’re spending exactly the right amount for the wedding you want. A good producer will never push you to go over a realistic budget.

4. Have the Perfect Timings

The timeline for your wedding is critical. A good timings sheet allows for the right amount of time for everything so that no part of the wedding feels too rushed or too slow. It also means that your main course won’t be served just as the band strikes up with a dance set.

If you hire a wedding planner, you can be confident that they know exactly how-to time everything right, because they’ve done it before. Using your vision for the day, they’ll make a timeline that makes sense and meets your needs.

They’ll also make sure that every supplier knows exactly what is happening on the timeline, so that they are in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.

5. Have Amazing Vendors

Not all wedding vendors are at the same level. An experienced wedding planner knows which vendors are best to work with and will match your dreams to the perfect supplier. 

It’s true that some wedding planners get referral fees or commissions from vendors. This isn't necessarily a clash of interest; a planner wouldn't risk recommending an inappropriate vendor it meant damaging their reputation. And of course, there are wedding planners who aren’t commission based at all, but just give great referrals.

6. Enjoy the Day – Don’t worry be happy

A wedding planner doesn’t only help you out in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding. They’re also there to help on the day itself.

On your wedding day, do you really want to be rushing around trying to take care of last-minute details? Let your planner and her/his team make sure that the event is perfect from beginning to end. You should be dancing your feet off or relaxing with a glass of champagne instead.

7. Think out of the Box

No one wants a template wedding that’s just like everyone else’s. However, it can be hard to come up with fresh wedding ideas on your own, especially when you’re being bombarded by the latest trends and fads.

Wedding planners know both the latest trends and classic ideas for wedding inspiration. If you’re stuck on how to make the shabby-chic wedding of your dreams completely unique, or how to plan an all-in white wedding but want to look completely different, a planner can help.

8. Get Fabulous Accommodation

If you are getting married in Israel or somewhere else away from your home country, you are probably thinking about blocking hotel rooms for you and your guests. Picking a hotel that is close to your wedding venue takes the stress of travelling to and from the venue and offering your guests a range of hotels and room prices will enable more people to join the fun whatever their budget.

Some wedding planners will also negotiate and book the hotel rooms for you. If you are lucky your planner may be able to negotiate an upgrade for the bridal suite too.

9. Get It in Writing

Contracts are an important part of any wedding, of course. In any language a contract can be a challenge. In Hebrew this may be even trickier even if you are fluent!

Trying to handle the fine print on your own can be risky and stressful. Wedding planners have read hundreds or even thousands of contracts before. We know exactly what to look for and will make sure you don’t sign anything that’s not a good idea.

10. Choosing the right wedding producer – it’s not like pulling a rabbit out of a hat

When you hire a wedding planner, you’re making a valuable investment in yourself, your partner, your family, your guests and of course your event.

Weddings are notorious for having unpredictable last-minute issues so interview a few planners and ask them how they deal with last minute problems. With a great wedding planner on your side, you can navigate the unexpected with poise and grace, no matter what comes up.

These are some things to ask yourselves after you have interviewed a few event producers:

Did we feel heard?

Did the planner understand our vision?

Did we get a strong sense he/she will work with our budget?

Was there a good connection and did our personalities mesh well?

Wishing you a huge Mazal Tov, a wonderful wedding planning journey and a fabulous wedding day,

Lots of Love,

Karen Tsafrir

Founder/Director Live Productions

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