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When it comes to your wedding day you shouldn't have to choose between having beautiful makeup and keeping with your own personal values, whether it is animal welfare, the environment, veganism or just choosing cleaner beauty products.  Nowadays people are more concerned than ever about their health and the environment and with all the information available to us it is leading us to question what is in the beauty products that we purchase and apply to our skin.  This is where clean beauty comes in. Clean Beauty

The term “clean beauty” is about using safe and effective formulations and only ingredients that have a skin benefit purpose; without using harmful ingredients, without harming animals in their production or using any animal by-products in their formulations. The skin is an organ and whether it is a foundation, body lotion or deodorant that we are applying, up to 60% is being absorbed through our skin and into our bloodstream and so it is important that we  are fully informed when choosing skincare or makeup products. When a consumer picks up a product, they should look at the label to see what ingredients it contains. The problem is that you may need a chemistry degree to understand what the ingredients are, and this is confusing for consumers. Ingredients are listed in order from the highest concentrate to the lowest and if they contain any of the following ingredients, I would reconsider the purchase: Sulphates, Petroleum, Paraffin, Mineral Oils, Synthetic Fragrances, Perfumes, Carmine and Talc. Vegan and Cruelty Free

The terms “cruelty-free” and “vegan” have grown increasingly popular in just the last couple of years as consumer demand for products which are cruelty-free and vegan rises but what do these terms mean? “Cruelty-Free” means the ingredients and the final product have not been tested on animals by the brand itself or a third party, and they do not trade in countries like China, where testing is required by law. “Vegan” means the products do not contain any animal derived ingredients or by-products. Some brands are 100% vegan and some are not, but have vegan options. Some products can be ‘vegan’ but may not be ‘cruelty-free’ which means that the product does not contain animal products or animal-derived ingredients but sadly, the products or its ingredients may have been tested on animals. To be sure a product or brand is both cruelty free and vegan, you should look for certifications for both. Clean Beauty for Bridal Make-up A big question a lot of brides ask me is, are clean beauty products high quality and long lasting like the bigger global brands on the market? My answer is always yes. The makeup industry has changed so much over recent years that you have many options of using high quality products without having them tested on animals or using animal by-products in their manufacture. There has  been extensive research into using alternatives and in recent years we have seen older brands (example Hourglass) changing their ways in order to fit in with what their target market wants. However there are still a lot of brands that have a long way to go.  Also there are a lot of smaller brands that are really changing the industry not only about the ingredients that they put in their products but also being more environmentally conscious and making sure they use sustainable packaging. Some examples of brands that I use in kit for my brides are Charlotte Tilbury, Ilia Beauty, Hourglass, Becca Cosmetics, Glossier, Pestle and Mortar and Milk Makeup (btw despite name this brand is vegan). About the author: Paula Fay Paula is a qualified clean beauty makeup artist originally from Ireland, now living in Tel Aviv with over 10 years’ experience working in the makeup industry. She studied at Dublin's Portobello Institute under makeup artist Nichola Graham and also privately with one of Ireland's leading makeup artist Zoe Clark. She began working as a freelance makeup artist and over the years has built up her experience working at weddings, events, fashion/beauty shoots and also in the film industry. Paula is one of Israel’s only clean beauty make-up artists and uses only high quality vegan and cruelty free make-up. “As a clean beauty makeup artist I believe that everything we put on our skin whether it is for skincare or makeup has an effect, therefore all the products that I use are free of mineral oils, toxins, synthetic perfumes, talc, sulfates and all the other nasties that can irritate the skin. I research, test and only choose products that do not contain any of the above and are therefore kinder to our skin.”

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