Shadel Jewelery

I create jewelry that follows my belief and values of good design and fine craftsmanship. 


Each piece is handmade by goldsmithing, with the finest materials, and based on quality, accuracy, finesse, presence, and minimalism. All as part of providing women a voice to celebrate their singularity and tell their story. 

I’m inspired by innovation and technology and implement them in my processes, such as CAD and 3D-printing.  As part of the growing awareness to sustainability and fair-trade, I'm combining sustainable jewelry in my collections, and offering them as an option to my customers. For example, the option of lab grown diamonds for an engagement ring or bridal jewelry.

SHADEL collections offer a variety of pieces in addition to unique ones, tailor-made to the specific preferences and desires of the customer.

Location: 209 Dizengoff, Tel Aviv, Israel

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SHADEL_Photo Tzahi Shemesh
SHADEL_Photo Tzahi Shemesh

SHADEL_Photo Tzahi Shemesh
SHADEL_Photo Tzahi Shemesh



Dear Michal, Thank you very much for a lovely and precise design for my engagement ring! I'm so happy :) I'm very glad that you are the one chosen to design it! With talent and charm you have created a ring that suits me perfectly. I'm getting compliments from everyone that sees it!! Thank you very very much!!

Your design got many compliments at our home. You understood just what I wanted, and the outcome is charming.

Hey Michal! The ring is perfect, and I'm showing it off everywhere :))) Thank you very much for the lovely ring and for everything !!