Tallis Man is a boutique weaving studio located at Moshav Suva in the southwest of Israel.

Ori Faran learned the art of weaving when he moved to the holy city of Tzfat during his spiritual journey more than 10 years ago. 


After 5 years of weaving in Tzfat, he opened a weaving gallery with his partner and friend Yosef Gabso. Today Ori is the manager and master weaver of his own weaving studio -  Tallis - Man, creating handmade prayer shawls and other custom made Judaica accessories for people all around the world. The inspiration for his art and creations Ori takes from the surrounding wheat fields and orchards, the silence of the Israeli desert and from the praying during the weaving process.

Tallis Man creations are woven by hand with love and prayer, ensuring quality, design, and sincere intention from the heart, in the workshop of Ori Faran on Moshav Shuva in the Negev Desert of Israel.

Welcome to visit us, join one of our family workshops and participate in the process of making your own Bar Mitzvah or wedding tallit. 

“Turn again (Shuva) our captivity, Lord, as the streams in the Negev.”


Location: Moshav Suva, Israel

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